Sunday, 30 September 2012

Chain of Fools

Coat - Charity Shop £10 // Shirt - George // Shorts - Market £5 // Belt - Primark //
Loafers - River Island // Gold Necklace - Gift
It's been a lovely Sunday. My sister, my mother and I went to a local vintage fair called Gin in Teacups (I got some lovely items but will post about them separately) and took a trip to Matalan. It started off a miserable and "driech" day but turned out rather nice by the afternoon resulting in lots of squinty-eye pics being taken. Despite the sun, it's still very cold in Scotland which means I can crack out my winter jackets including my old Barnardo's favourite.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Where Have You Been...

Where indeed have I been? A paltry three posts since my return from Thailand. Excuses...

1) Well I've been working on an epic Thailand post which seems to be taking forever to compose.

2) I've also been really busy at work. The first term's always a busy one; finding your feet and getting back into the swing of things after six weeks off. (Don't all feel sorry at once!)

3) I've lost my resident photographer as my sister has moved in with her long term boyfriend.

4) Last but not least I have been completely and utterly preoccupied with the purchase of my first flat! It's taken me over a year to reach a stage in my life where I feel confident enough to make such a big decision but I think it's the right time and I've found a gem of a flat. I move in in less than two weeks and am beyond excited. It's a beautiful old building, late Victorian with feature fire places in every room and my own patch of garden. I've been obsessed with gumtree and eBay the past few weeks looking for furniture and items to decorate the home or should I say "my home".

So there are my excuses. Quite valid I think! I've shared some of my latest Instagram pictures (excuse the list but I am posting from my phone) including a shot of my new flat, some daily outfit shots, DIY projects and some shots from a few nights out. I hope you are all well and I can't wait to share some "home" posts with you!

1. My new flat!  2. Blazer - Topshop // Shoes & Belt - Vintage (£4 & £2) // Necklace - Forever 21  3. Clip on earrings as collar tips  4. Scarf & Cardigan - Vintage (£2 & £15)  5. DIY studded jacket  6. Mascara - L'Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes  7. Disco Pants - American Apparel // Shirt - Vintage (£1.50) // Necklace - Forever 21  8. Wool Blazer - Vintage (£12)  9. Dress - Forever 21  10. Camisole - Forever 21  11-13. Shirt - Vintage (£9) // Necklace - Primark

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Some Like It Hot

I thought I would share my favourite perfume with you... Givenchy Hot Couture. I just finished my latest bottle so if anyone feels like replenishing my depleted perfume stocks (hint, hint). Perfume is not something I generally buy for myself, however, I might just need to have an indulgent moment and waltz into Boots this weekend!

Launched in the year 2000 the perfume has top notes of citrus, raspberry and nectar, heart notes of magnolia, pepper and vetiver and base notes of sandalwood, amber and musk. It's a warm, spicy almost woody scent and is very long lasting; it is always commented upon when I wear it. The Perfume Shop compares it to Boss Intense which funnily enough is my other favourite (I must be very predictable!) and Caroline Herrera 212 Sexy. 30ml EDP will currently set you back £24.66 from Boots. Did I say hint, hint?!