Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Rings on Her Fingers, Bells on Her Toes

The Topshop summer sale has landed and although I have been unsuccessful clothes wise, I have managed to pick up some jewellery. I try my hardest never to buy full price jewellery in Topshop because it ALWAYS ends up in the sale. I remember once spending £15 on items that should have cost £80 full price. The earrings and large ring were in the sale, all half price and they cost roughly the same as the pink ring which I bought a few weeks ago. (Yes, I have just finished saying I don't buy full price jewellery but I really liked this and it went with my green and pink dipped hem skirt - OOTN post to follow!) At the moment I'm loving the armfuls of delicate charm/ friendship style bracelets I keep seeing in magazines and on blogs - the more the better. Any suggestions on how I can achieve this look on a budget without cracking out my old "How to" friendship bracelet kit circa 1996!?

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Vegas Barbie


I cannot visit Superdrug at present without leaving with a bottle of Rimmel Pro nail varnish. This time I opted for shade 297 Show Off. Its the perfect Barbie pink and i added a layer of glitter for that trash-tastic all American look! After taking these pictures I decided I must have been subconsciously aiming to find three nail varnishes that match my duvet cover - green, blue and pink! (see posts Cornflower Blue and Peppermint Dreams).

I cannot praise these nail varnishes enough. Every time I have them on people comment on the vibrant colours and they wear so well. I had Nails Inc on the other day and it chipped the day after. Whereas this manicure will last a week. Yes you have to apply three layers but the result is definitely worth it.

I have collected nail varnishes since I was 11 and spent all my pocket money on £1 polishes and I have tried many, many brands and so far I cannot seem to fault Rimmel Pro...

Monday, 25 June 2012

Beyond Bronze

I have never been an avid fake tanner. This is possibly because tanning takes a lot of preparation and dedication. I say this being the friend of several "tan-orexics" who dedicate many an hour to being bronzed goddesses!

However, I've got to admit, recently the tan bug has bitten. Armed with a bottle of St Moritz and a tanning glove I have admired my bronzed body in the mirror and have, to my shame, remarked "I wish I was the colour you get before you have to rinse the tan off". But I was a busy girl with work last week and had no time to tan for a weekend in Edinburgh with my uni girls. Mission - instant fake tan!

Beyond Bronze by Fake Bake is an instant wash off tan for the face and body. It is currently on offer in Superdrug for £6.99 but retails £9.99 full price for 125ml. It is available in matte and shimmer. I opted for medium matte. I applied with a tanning mitt and was really impressed with the coverage and the colour. The lotion is moisturising and transfer resistant but best of all there is NO FAKE TAN SMELL! Not smelling like a Rusk is always a bonus on a night out. I used very little to achieve a nice colour however it might be worth noting I'm a fan of subtle tanning!

All in all a positive tanning experience. Plus the packaging is pretty and they do not test on animals.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Blessed Aldi's

The grand total of the above haul was less than £8... blessed be the brand of Aldi! My grandparents and parents have been die hard Aldi fans since the chain came to Scotland. The standard reply to "Oh, where did you get that?" has become "The blessed Aldi's". Despite not having my own place I could not resist the glass chopping board and placemat set. They were both reduced to under £2 in the wake of the jubilee and at that price you cannot really argue. I've also recently purchased Aldi's version of YSL Touche Eclate concealer pen by Lacura Beauty for £3.95. I purchased the lightest shade. I can't remember the exact name as I have thrown away the packaging but there are 4 shades available. It looks quite light on my hand but I'm quite fair. I'm 1N1 Ecru 16 in Estee Lauder Double Wear if this helps. The concealer doesn't offer great coverage but is great for touch ups during the day and hiding dark circles under the eyes. I've also used Lacura foundation in the past and found it to be just as good as Maybelline or Rimmel.

N.B. I write this post after spending a day munching on Aldi's pesto olives, while my mum and her best friend discuss the merits of the brand and before we tuck into an Aldi's roast... BLESSED BE ALDI!

Cornflower Blue

This is my second purchase from the Rimmel Professional Finish range in 420 Aqua Cool and it has swiftly became my new favourite nail varnish. In keeping with my love of all things pastel it is a gorgeous cornflower blue colour. My mother argues that it is air force blue... but whatever you decide to call it there is no denying it is devine! I love the brush in the professional range. It is wide enough to cover most of the nail with one stroke and the colour builds up evenly. Although, you will need at least two coats. I did attempt some nail art... I was aiming for pink polka dots but when that failed miserably I turned my efforts into a little love heart.

P.s. I've just upgraded my iPhone to the 4s! The difference in camera is unbelievable. (Compare my previous post Peppermint Dreams)

Friday, 8 June 2012

You're Not Nineteen Forever

I've been slightly absent from the bloggersphere for the past month. I have purchased many a shoe and succumbed to the make up phenomenon that is Estée Lauder Double Wear but I've not really had the time or the desire to post. It's been a funny old month and I've mulled over many a thing. I think it comes with the anniversary of my returning to the nest. It certainly doesn't feel like a year and I certainly didn't think I'd still be in the nest one year later. The truth is I'm completely at a loss as to what to do next...

I'm not 19, far from it. And although I am frequently and generously told I look younger, the face staring back at me on the treadmill seems to disagree. As does my birth certificate! I am 26 and living with my parents. When I was 19 I thought this was the height of "uncool" yet here I am. I curse the quarterlife crisis that made me rock the boat that was so calmly and purposefully sailing along. But I had to be like Pocahontas... I didn't want the smoothest course... I wanted adventure and excitement. Only thing is, I can't decide what kind of adventure I want to have. My brain is firing an arsenal of questions at me daily. Do I continue to save for a flat? Do I bite the bullet and rent on my own? Do I stay where I am or move away? Is my job the right job for me? ... These would be far easier to answer if I was 19 because then I'd pack up for the summer and wave goodbye to these decisions because it wouldn't really matter about making them.

I sort of feel like I've lived my 20s in reverse. Relationship, mortgage and cat when I should've been reckless. And now that I want to reckless I can't because I am a grown up - I am a grown up with a grown ups job. Fact. I keep telling my friends in similar situations that 26 is young. "Honestly, it's the new 21!" I say nodding and smiling excessively in an effort to convince myself as well as them... But it IS... right? I mean Carrie and the gang were all in their 30s when Sex and the City began. *Gulp* We're obsessed with age as a society, especially the age of women. Take for instance the Caroline-Flack-Saga. Nobody cared about anything other than that poor woman's age. Cougar. Cradle snatcher. If she was a man she'd have been called... well, nothing because people wouldn't have batted an eyelid. I try not to let the age thing bother me but unfortunately it seems to follow wherever I go. Whether it was the annoying yet flattering 19 year old demanding to see my drivers license in order to prove I was "old" or the 21 year old who said that if she hadn't settled down and was secure in her life by 26 she would consider herself a failure or heading to a club night and realising the attire for the evening was hot pants, high-tops and trucker caps ...Oh don't mind me, I'll just retire to the corner and weep while you shimmy around with your lithe mahogany limbs doing the duck-pout! (I am not bitter obviously)

And so I return to my original quandary: 26, living with my parents and unable to make a decision. Perhaps this year I'll manage to be a little more decisive, who knows I may make the decision that shapes my future "course"... I at least hope that I can make a decision at some point this year because I don't think this article will read so well if I'm writing it at 27!