Monday, 27 February 2012

Preloved: Shirts with a Story

I love nothing more than a charity shop rummage. Whether it's picking up old fashion bowls to store jewellery in or quirky kitchenware, there is always a bargain to be had. One of my best friends from Uni came through to Fife recently and being a fellow fashionista we decided to hit the charity shops of Dunfermline with extremely great success! I'm currently a little bit obsessed with shirts and purchased the above pair for under £5. The waist coated shirt takes me back to the 90s when I loved nothing more than a t-shirt/ waistcoat combo. However, I think the colour, pattern and the detailing on the buttons is very current and it will look great with either leggings or cropped denim shorts. I am not so certain of the second shirt but it was 99p and is quite versace-esque with its baroque print. It has splits at the side which you can't really see from the picture and sits quite high on the waist. Again, I'm feeling a leggings or shorts pairing with my platform boots.

In my continuing quest to emulate the style of Lana Del Rey, I also bought a piece of "ghetto-chav" gold in the form of a t-bar chain for £1.99, a lovely vintage snowdrop necklace for 75p(!) and another scarf to add to my expanding collection for £1.75. My friend's find of the day definitely had to be a pair of vintage Rayban tortoiseshell wayfarers for £10.

I recently joined in the debate on Twitter through @DomesticSluts which asked Twitter users to discuss Vintage Fashion. I have bought vintage items before which I love but I do prefer to look through charity/ second hand shops. Part of the enjoyment for me is finding that needle in the haystack item rather than being told something is fashionable purely because it has been labelled vintage even if it is simply vintage-style Primark circa 2009.

What are your thoughts re vintage/ second hand fashion? What are your bargain hunting tips? What was your best ever purchase? C'mon ladies share the love!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pure Barry M

My mum always sticks a nail varnish in my stocking. She explained that when it came to choosing a shade the last time that I probably had every colour except Navy and she is probably right! I don't know whether I'm over the ring finger/ statement nail manicure or not but I think the Navy looks great with the 'Instant Nail Effect' Gold Foil varnish. I love the Gold Foil effect polish. It is easy to apply and has an expensive looking finish. I'm also a fan of Barry M nail varnishes in general. I think they are better quality than the more expensive Ciaté or Models Own polishes which, despite a great colour selection, chip really easily. Next on my list... A nail art pen! What do my fellow bloggers suggest?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My Funny Little Valentine

So my plan was to compose a post tonight exploring my current situation; single on Valentine's Day for the first time since 2005. Not an anti Valentines post by all means but a post that's a little bit more on the reflective side. However, my computer wouldn't play the game tonight so I am composing a relatively shorter post on my iPhone. (ah the wonders of social networking and the blessed iPhone!)

My last single Valentines was during my student days. I spent the evening with my friends prank calling exes and my poor friend from back home. My friend's boyfriend managed to successfully convince her that her boyfriend had entered her into a competition in Nuts to win a boob job and that the public had voted for her to win. I am lucky we share the same twisted sense of humour because after she'd wiped away her tears and fleetingly considered the offer she managed to see the funny side of it and we remain the best of friends.

7 years on and humour is probably my fail safe way of dealing with things. It's true sometimes when people say "If I didn't laugh then I'd cry"... Although a little cry now and again does help. But being the eternal optimist that I am I have gushed politely at the presents and displays of love thrust in my face today at work and online. I have texted, tweeted and posted jovial remarks on love, sex and relationships. Furthermore, I attempted to spread the lurrv by buying scrummy love hearts for my colleagues. (see pic... p.s. the doughnut was my gift to me!)

I am a firm believer in karma. I believe that my feelings of positivity will be rewarded with beautiful, heartfelt, personal gestures of love... Regardless of whether that love comes from man, woman or my cat, Miss Bonnie Blue! So let's just celebrate LOVE in general. There's no nicer feeling than being loved, regardless of where that love comes from.

This post is dedicated to my single friend Lauren. She thinks I'm a wee gem... And well I think she's one too. It is also dedicated to Claire who had and still has fabulous boobs ;-)

Happy Valentines Day! X

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Channeling Lana

Shirt - George £10 // Shirt - Primark £10 // Blazer - Primark £23 // Bra - Primark £7

Lana Del Rey's hotly anticipated debut album Born to Die does not disappoint... It has been on repeat since it arrived on Monday. The album is making me crave warm hazy summertime evenings and passionate, all-consuming love affairs. My purchases this weekend are in homage to Lana's retro style... On a budget.

I spotted the Versace inspired printed shirt on a shopping trip to Asdas with my mum. I was over the moon with this find as I have been "watching" similar shirts on eBay which have been selling upwards of £30. It is also available in black.I was equally pleased with the Primark shirt which was the last one in the store. I nearly bought a similar shirt in Topshop last year but it was really ill-fitting. The Primark shirt is a size 16 but fits perfectly (I tend to ignore sizes in Primark nowadays and take in a selection of different sizes to see what fits best). The sleeves are a little too long but I will just adjust the buttons on the cuff. I love the western detailing at the neck and it looks great with the blazer, which is excellent quality for the price.

Primark have also got some gorgeous Valentines inspired underwear in store. The print on the bra is so feminine and there are matching pants available. It is also a great fit. As I mentioned in a previous post, Primark have started selling bras in DD+ cup sizes. I was recently fitted for a bra and was told I was not a 34D (even though I had  been wearing this size for years) but a 32DD. This felt really tight and uncomfortable at first but I soon came to realise I was better supported and looked slimmer because my posture was improved. So I urge you ladies to get measured!

I'm hoping to feature the above shirts in an OOTD post and to take some "proper" pictures with a camera instead of relying on my iPhone and the trickery of my favourite photography apps. That said I do love the dreamy vintage look it gives the pictures and I am channeling my inner Lana...