Saturday, 31 August 2013

Run, Hop, Skip, Jump: Reebok Freestyle Hi Tops

The title of the post indicates exactly what I plan to do when this god forsaken cast is off and these are (potentially) the supportive little numbers that will assist me. I've got a definite two weeks left off work and then who knows. At my next appointment there is the possibility I'll be fitted with a boot for my cast which will allow me to finally put my foot down which could mean a phased return to work. So in need of some suitable footwear and thinking ahead to a cast free yet physio heavy future I bought these trainers. They are so comfy and in my mind the perfect trainer for the 90s mom/ Kirstie Alley look that I seem to be favouring (I never in a million years considered that a scrunchie would again become my best friend). That said, what drama games I'll be able to participate in wearing a "moon" boot and a cast remains to be seen. Least I'll be down with the kids though... Right?! Right?!

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