Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sale Haul

I was on a mission today to find a strapless bra to wear with a low back dress I've got for New Year (actually I've had it since last new year but the underwear predicament has stopped me from wearing it!) I have tried on backless, low backed and converter bras and felt totally unsupported in everything. I was about to give up when I spotted a bandeau bra in Primark... Success! Sucky inny pants purchased now just to try on with the dress.

Picked up a few other things in Primark.  A lounge top £2, cute ankle socks £1 and waist control tights if the pants fail and a bra and pants set in Primark £4. They've started doing DD cups so I was overjoyed to find my size. Also bought nude leather pumps from Faith reduced to £14. I really struggle to find a slip on shoe that fits but these are really narrow and are much better quality than a similar pair I saw in Topshop.

I also picked up a black tube skirt in Topshop sale at £12 and some half price jewellery. Bangle £7, ring £4.25. And finally the shoes... River Island £70 down to £35. Not entirely sure if I'll keep them. Bought them to go with new years outfit... We'll see.

I'm off out to a nightclub in town that's just recently reopened. Last time I was there I was 20... Eek! If I wear said shoes I'll need to make sure any prospective male friends are 6ft +!

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