Saturday, 5 May 2012

Jungle Is Massive... American Apparel Disco Pants

Disco Pants - American Apparel // M&S Shirt - Charity // Faux Litas - eBay // Jewellery - Primark
I have swithered over the buy button for a while. Would I pay more for, in all honesty, a pair of leggings than I have for any single item of clothing I have bought in quite a while? Then I looked at my wardrobe full of shirts and thought "I need these in my life". I got them from ASOS with 10% off and free delivery which worked out at £63 in total. I ordered on the Monday and they arrived on the Friday. I'd been panicking all week over whether they would fit. I opted for a M which equates to a size 10-12. (I am generally a size 12 jeans in Topshop if this helps with sizing.) They are much stretchier than I expected. You will have to do the "wriggle" dance to get into them but once you are, believe me, the benefits are bountiful. Belly flattened. Bum lifted... Hello new pulling pants! They look as equally good with a a crop top and heels and they do with a vest and hi-tops. And yes, I couldn't resist a Sandy impression when I put them on.

(Update: I would say since buying that they have lost a little of their initial tightness and would be interested in seeing how a S would fit.)

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  1. awesome top! makes you look so fierce! heehee! x check my blog out? (:

    1. Hi Katrina. Thanks very much for leaving a comment. I've never been called fierce before but I like it! Ha x