Sunday, 5 February 2012

Channeling Lana

Shirt - George £10 // Shirt - Primark £10 // Blazer - Primark £23 // Bra - Primark £7

Lana Del Rey's hotly anticipated debut album Born to Die does not disappoint... It has been on repeat since it arrived on Monday. The album is making me crave warm hazy summertime evenings and passionate, all-consuming love affairs. My purchases this weekend are in homage to Lana's retro style... On a budget.

I spotted the Versace inspired printed shirt on a shopping trip to Asdas with my mum. I was over the moon with this find as I have been "watching" similar shirts on eBay which have been selling upwards of £30. It is also available in black.I was equally pleased with the Primark shirt which was the last one in the store. I nearly bought a similar shirt in Topshop last year but it was really ill-fitting. The Primark shirt is a size 16 but fits perfectly (I tend to ignore sizes in Primark nowadays and take in a selection of different sizes to see what fits best). The sleeves are a little too long but I will just adjust the buttons on the cuff. I love the western detailing at the neck and it looks great with the blazer, which is excellent quality for the price.

Primark have also got some gorgeous Valentines inspired underwear in store. The print on the bra is so feminine and there are matching pants available. It is also a great fit. As I mentioned in a previous post, Primark have started selling bras in DD+ cup sizes. I was recently fitted for a bra and was told I was not a 34D (even though I had  been wearing this size for years) but a 32DD. This felt really tight and uncomfortable at first but I soon came to realise I was better supported and looked slimmer because my posture was improved. So I urge you ladies to get measured!

I'm hoping to feature the above shirts in an OOTD post and to take some "proper" pictures with a camera instead of relying on my iPhone and the trickery of my favourite photography apps. That said I do love the dreamy vintage look it gives the pictures and I am channeling my inner Lana...


  1. love those shirts! ive just bought a similar one in primark but in pink :)

    1. Just checked out the pink one on your page! Love it. Great blog... I'm off to check out the site your red wedges are from. X

  2. firstly love the vintage effect of all the photos..
    love the jacket <3

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