Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My Funny Little Valentine

So my plan was to compose a post tonight exploring my current situation; single on Valentine's Day for the first time since 2005. Not an anti Valentines post by all means but a post that's a little bit more on the reflective side. However, my computer wouldn't play the game tonight so I am composing a relatively shorter post on my iPhone. (ah the wonders of social networking and the blessed iPhone!)

My last single Valentines was during my student days. I spent the evening with my friends prank calling exes and my poor friend from back home. My friend's boyfriend managed to successfully convince her that her boyfriend had entered her into a competition in Nuts to win a boob job and that the public had voted for her to win. I am lucky we share the same twisted sense of humour because after she'd wiped away her tears and fleetingly considered the offer she managed to see the funny side of it and we remain the best of friends.

7 years on and humour is probably my fail safe way of dealing with things. It's true sometimes when people say "If I didn't laugh then I'd cry"... Although a little cry now and again does help. But being the eternal optimist that I am I have gushed politely at the presents and displays of love thrust in my face today at work and online. I have texted, tweeted and posted jovial remarks on love, sex and relationships. Furthermore, I attempted to spread the lurrv by buying scrummy love hearts for my colleagues. (see pic... p.s. the doughnut was my gift to me!)

I am a firm believer in karma. I believe that my feelings of positivity will be rewarded with beautiful, heartfelt, personal gestures of love... Regardless of whether that love comes from man, woman or my cat, Miss Bonnie Blue! So let's just celebrate LOVE in general. There's no nicer feeling than being loved, regardless of where that love comes from.

This post is dedicated to my single friend Lauren. She thinks I'm a wee gem... And well I think she's one too. It is also dedicated to Claire who had and still has fabulous boobs ;-)

Happy Valentines Day! X


  1. I'm actually hungry reading this! haha happy valentines :)

    Christy X

  2. Thanks Christy. Hope you had a lovely day! X