Sunday, 4 March 2012

Because the Lady Loves Pink... MAC Impassioned

Shirt - Primark £10 // Leggings - Missguided £13.99 // Lipstick - MAC // Nails - Deborah Lippmann
An OOTN from last weekend. I attended an Ibiza club night but obviously didn't get the memo that said racer vest and micro shorts... and unfortunately that's the boys I'm talking about. Never seen so many nipples on a night out in my life. I've not quite got the 'posing for camera' part quite right yet. I will attempt to choose a better location than the corner of the living room for future shots. The shirt is from Primark and I bought it in a size 16 which is two sizes larger than I would normally purchase. However, I wanted a loose fit for wearing with leggings and the 12 was fitted and looked too formal. I have came to the conclusion that size is an illusion when it comes to shopping in Primark and usually take in a selection of sizes from 8 - 16. The lipstick in the picture is MAC Impassioned. This was my first ever MAC purchase - brave huh?! It could not go better with this shirt. The lipstick is from their Amplfied creme range and has a nice thick texture. It doesn't dry out the lips like their Matte lipsticks and has pretty good staying power as it stains the lips. I applied with a brush to get a strong overall colour.


  1. That shirt looks gorgeous on you xx

  2. you looks so lovely :) i just bought the viva glam nicki lipstick and it's my first overly bright lipstick. perhaps i'll wear it tomorrow - you suit impassioned so much :)

    love your blog, too. followed!


    1. Thanks Emily. Ooo can't wait to see what the viva glam lipstick's like.

  3. nice. x

    p.s. I'm having a shoe giveaway if you'd like to check it out. :)

  4. Love the blouse! I know what you mean about Primark sizing, especially in blouses i have to always go one size up as they gape open around then chest!

    Georgie <3