Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Frolicking in the Snow... H&M Hightops

Fur Coat - Costume Cupboard // Harem Pants - River Island // High-tops - H&M
So I am officially on my holidays and lo and behold it has decided to snow. Last week I was considering cracking my sun dresses out of my suitcase and now I am yet again reaching for my beanie hat. The above pictures were hastily taken by my little sister. It was in the midst of one of the many blizzards that have peppered the day and resulted in a sisterly duvet day with a Disney DVD. I am wearing my first ever pair of high-tops. I have always secretly lusted after a pair and at £14.99 you can't go wrong. Plus they are my favourite colour - go with anything nude. Yes... my obsession with all things pink continues.

I am hoping that because I am on my holidays my blogging will be a tad more prolific. I have a number of purchases, both fashion and beauty, in the post queue and I am determined to throw a few baking ones in there as well. I'm also thinking about performing my first DIY fashion project. Wish me luck.

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