Monday, 9 April 2012



Dress - Urban Outfitters // Blazer - Topshop // Shoes - Dorothy Perkins // 
Bangle - Topshop (old) // Lips - Revlon Black Cherry

Aztec and Monochrome - Ticking two trends at once! The dress was a purchase from my recent Edinburgh shopping trip. I swithered back and forward over buying it because the material is wafer thin and I was in two minds as to whether my pull-in panties would have the power to deal with such a dress! However, I'm glad I bought it. Urban Outfitters only has two branches in Scotland so you're guaranteed to find something a little different from the crowd and at £32 it was a bit more reasonably priced than some of their other items. I also managed to get the shoes in an online flash sale £45 down to £31 - now that's luck. I kept seeing them featured on Miss High Street's website and knew they were the type of shoe that would go with everything.

P.s. Please excuse the background in this picture but this is what happens when you put four girls in a tiny room and expect them to get ready for a night out. Despite the lack of glamour in this picture we had a fantastic and glamorous night out in Glasgow (that is until we carried our McDonalds back to our room at 4am - oh the shame!)

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