Friday, 6 April 2012

Mint Choc Chip

Jumper - Warehouse // Earrings - Warehouse // Necklace - Charity Shop // Bracelet - Topshop (old) //
Nail Varnish - Rimmel Peppermint
I fell in love with this jumper the minute I walked into Warehouse. I was on a shopping trip to Livingstone to return a dress and hit Wagamama's with my mother when I caved in and bought this. It just happened to match my nail varnish which I deemed to be fate. Although it's not obvious in the pictures there is a floral pattern across the chest and down the sleeves. (I threw in a picture of my cat for good measure. She's a babe. She is actually a he... This was discovered recently at the vets. So Bonnie Blue is now Ollie Blue. And one of my good friend Leigh and I sharing a cocktail in TGI's. She is also a babe.)


  1. very pretty - im really into mint lately :)
    Also, im loving your cloisonne necklace - what a great find!

    1. Thanks. And at 75p it sweetened the deal!