Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Vegas Barbie


I cannot visit Superdrug at present without leaving with a bottle of Rimmel Pro nail varnish. This time I opted for shade 297 Show Off. Its the perfect Barbie pink and i added a layer of glitter for that trash-tastic all American look! After taking these pictures I decided I must have been subconsciously aiming to find three nail varnishes that match my duvet cover - green, blue and pink! (see posts Cornflower Blue and Peppermint Dreams).

I cannot praise these nail varnishes enough. Every time I have them on people comment on the vibrant colours and they wear so well. I had Nails Inc on the other day and it chipped the day after. Whereas this manicure will last a week. Yes you have to apply three layers but the result is definitely worth it.

I have collected nail varnishes since I was 11 and spent all my pocket money on £1 polishes and I have tried many, many brands and so far I cannot seem to fault Rimmel Pro...


  1. This is a gorgeous colour! Definitely need to pay more attention to these next time im in boots or superdrug x

    1. The possibility of me owning the whole range is becoming higher and higher! X

  2. AH-MAZING nails Sweetie.
    much love, Pins.X