Monday, 25 June 2012

Beyond Bronze

I have never been an avid fake tanner. This is possibly because tanning takes a lot of preparation and dedication. I say this being the friend of several "tan-orexics" who dedicate many an hour to being bronzed goddesses!

However, I've got to admit, recently the tan bug has bitten. Armed with a bottle of St Moritz and a tanning glove I have admired my bronzed body in the mirror and have, to my shame, remarked "I wish I was the colour you get before you have to rinse the tan off". But I was a busy girl with work last week and had no time to tan for a weekend in Edinburgh with my uni girls. Mission - instant fake tan!

Beyond Bronze by Fake Bake is an instant wash off tan for the face and body. It is currently on offer in Superdrug for £6.99 but retails £9.99 full price for 125ml. It is available in matte and shimmer. I opted for medium matte. I applied with a tanning mitt and was really impressed with the coverage and the colour. The lotion is moisturising and transfer resistant but best of all there is NO FAKE TAN SMELL! Not smelling like a Rusk is always a bonus on a night out. I used very little to achieve a nice colour however it might be worth noting I'm a fan of subtle tanning!

All in all a positive tanning experience. Plus the packaging is pretty and they do not test on animals.

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