Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Rings on Her Fingers, Bells on Her Toes

The Topshop summer sale has landed and although I have been unsuccessful clothes wise, I have managed to pick up some jewellery. I try my hardest never to buy full price jewellery in Topshop because it ALWAYS ends up in the sale. I remember once spending £15 on items that should have cost £80 full price. The earrings and large ring were in the sale, all half price and they cost roughly the same as the pink ring which I bought a few weeks ago. (Yes, I have just finished saying I don't buy full price jewellery but I really liked this and it went with my green and pink dipped hem skirt - OOTN post to follow!) At the moment I'm loving the armfuls of delicate charm/ friendship style bracelets I keep seeing in magazines and on blogs - the more the better. Any suggestions on how I can achieve this look on a budget without cracking out my old "How to" friendship bracelet kit circa 1996!?

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