Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Blessed Aldi's

The grand total of the above haul was less than £8... blessed be the brand of Aldi! My grandparents and parents have been die hard Aldi fans since the chain came to Scotland. The standard reply to "Oh, where did you get that?" has become "The blessed Aldi's". Despite not having my own place I could not resist the glass chopping board and placemat set. They were both reduced to under £2 in the wake of the jubilee and at that price you cannot really argue. I've also recently purchased Aldi's version of YSL Touche Eclate concealer pen by Lacura Beauty for £3.95. I purchased the lightest shade. I can't remember the exact name as I have thrown away the packaging but there are 4 shades available. It looks quite light on my hand but I'm quite fair. I'm 1N1 Ecru 16 in Estee Lauder Double Wear if this helps. The concealer doesn't offer great coverage but is great for touch ups during the day and hiding dark circles under the eyes. I've also used Lacura foundation in the past and found it to be just as good as Maybelline or Rimmel.

N.B. I write this post after spending a day munching on Aldi's pesto olives, while my mum and her best friend discuss the merits of the brand and before we tuck into an Aldi's roast... BLESSED BE ALDI!


  1. awesome buys! love the keep calm ones x :D check mine out? :)

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