Monday, 2 January 2012

Etched Upon My Mind

It's a contemplative season is Winter! I think that's why a lot of people cry at New Year... You think about the year that's just gone past, about loved ones lost and I lament the fact I am another year older. (My friend recently remarked - We're at a time in our lives where we need to seriously start thinking about skincare -Great!)

This post however, is going to be a celebration of all the things I have achieved last year... Devoted to the experiences that are etched upon my mind.

I turned 25... I directed Shakespeare. I worked as a lecturer. I got a full time contract. I celebrated the Royal Wedding with four beautiful friends. I went to the island of Luing and rowed boats, climbed hills, saw lambs being born, sea eagles and seals and spent it in beautiful company. I learnt that friendship has no age limit. I traveled and stayed all over the UK... Finzean, Pitlochry, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester and London. I bought a lot of scarves. I sang Karaoke and BBQ'd in the sun with friends. I was part of the Free Fringe. I "wetted" babies heads. I taught my friends how to improvise and played drama games. I went to Benicassim via Magaluf and stayed up til 6am drinking Tequila. I danced to The Strokes, Acrtic Monkeys and Primal Scream. I watched Mumford and Sons from Mojito Mountain and thought "Life is Good". I camped. I caravanned. I met people from all over the world. I went to Ibiza... Take me back to Swedish House Mafia at Ushuaia. I had many long conversations. I cried a lot. I laughed even more. I supported others through their quarter life crisis'! I turned a tasty profit on eBay. I dined with many a fine friend. I went to Dubai and reveled in the culture, the food, the nightlife and the beaches. I went deep sea fishing and up the tallest building in the world. I ate a 1/2 a kilo of king prawns. I realised that time apart does not affect true friendship and that Mums are a girls best friend. I baked a lot of cookies and successfully cooked my first Christmas dinner with my sister. I confirmed home is where the heart is. And lastly I started my own blog...

I hadn't really given the positives in my year this much thought. It's quite affirming to see them all written down... Here's to 2012. Lang may yer lum reek.

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