Thursday, 5 January 2012

Do's and Don'ts

Here are my Do's and DOn'ts of surviving a break up. This list is by no means exhaustive. Looking back there are many more things I could include on my list of "Don'ts" and many more things I want to include in my list of "Do's". In a way it's quite a personal list. It echoes many of my mistakes and a lot of my hopes.


Do Nots...

Don't lie in your bed for a week. You are not helping the situation. Sleep will help you avoid it for a while but you'll probably end up being awake all night, alone with your thoughts and listening to melancholic music.

Don't get in touch with your previous ex. They are your ex for a reason.

Don't get in touch with your current ex. Time apart is necessary to move on.

Don't look at pictures of the happy times for a long time. You'll only doubt whether the decision to end it was the right one.

Don't look at their Facebook page.

Don't get involved in drunken conversations with your ex.

Don't ask them if they are seeing anyone else. Those are details you do not need to know.

Don't ever regret the time you spent together or the decision you made to part.



Be impulsive.
Remember who you were when you were an "I" and not a "We".
Call up old friends.
Go on adventures.
Be selfish.
Make lists and enjoy ticking them off.
Work hard.
Play hard.
Challenge yourself.
Spend time with loved ones.
Explore music, film, art, books, cultures, food.
Be independent.
Frighten yourself.
Be ambitious.
Pamper yourself.
Appreciate the time you had together.
Think about the lessons you've learned.
Make memories.
Cherish memories.
Have an opinion.
Take lots of photos.


  1. might just do some of the things on the 'do' list even though i'm not going through a break up! :)

  2. A definite "stick on the fridge" list for me I think!