Sunday, 22 January 2012

All Wrapped Up

Dress - Love
Jacket - Vintage
Shoes - eBay
Watch - River Island
Necklace - Market
Lipstick - MAC Russian Red

I am about to attempt my very first outfit post! I have avoided this so far because a) I am currently shacked up in the "boxroom" which leaves limited space for posing/ full body shots and b) the dark dismal January whether means I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark meaning natural light is a precious resource and finally c) it's too cold to pose outside... It is Scotland after all! However, armed with a gorgeous new Petrol Long Sleeve Wrap from Love, an absolute find of a jacket from the costume department, my rather lovely fake Lita's courtesy of eBay and a willing friend/ photographer I decided to take the OOTN plunge.

The dress is a M (10/12) it fits quite small across the shoulders but larger across the bust (I did tend to find that it gaped a little when dancing). I always have a bit of a problem with dresses because I am a size 10 up top and a size 12 on the bottom but I do think the dress sizes quite small overall. I love the colour of the dress and think it is something that can be dressed up or down. The wrap is such a versatile style and isn't something a tend that will go out of fashion. It's also available in different fabrics and colours... I particularly like the Mocha Satin and the Green Animal Print

Okay onto the "Lita's". I purchased them on eBay and they came from China. The main part of the boot is an excellent imitation however, the heel is plastic and a lot lighter than it looks in the picture. The seller does state this on their site but the lighting in the pictures is deceptive. That said I actually don't mind the plastic heel BUT I wore them on both the Friday and Saturday and already the bottom of one of the heels has came off! I am going to email the seller and see how I get on. There are some UK sellers who are doing a similar style boot with a more realistic looking wooden heel which I have just discovered. This seller also sells them in variety of colours and patterns. At the moment, I'm sort of wondering whether I should have just used my Christmas money to buy a full price pair... live and learn? What experience do you have with similar eBay purchases?

(Edit: Missguided are now doing their own version of Litas as are several other online retailers.)

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