Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Songs Are Like Tattoos

After reading and liking Learn This Phrase and Romeo and the Lonely Girl's posts on their musical picks of the year I decided to think of the tracks, that for me, will always remind me of 2011...

This song reminds me so much of my summer at Benicassim where the Arctic Monkeys headlined Saturday night. I think Suck it and See is their best album since their debut. I know it's been received with mixed reviews; people saying it's not proper "Arctic Monkeys" but I love Alex Turner's quirky lyrics and The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala is without a doubt my favourite song on the album. My car stereo always gets cranked up at 1.55 and I give it big licks probably much to the amusement of fellow drivers.

The Strokes have been my favourite band since I was 15. I first heard them on Radio 1 and was hooked. I had an eclectic musical background; growing up on a mixed bag of motown and classic and indie rock but I had never heard anything like The Strokes before and every time I heard Last Night or Hard to Explain I had to dance, sing, shout and they still have the same effect on me. Like Arctic Monkeys, I saw The Strokes at Benicassim. Infact, they were part of my reason for going. This song has that distinctive jangly guitar playing of Valensi and Hammond Jr. and Casablancas' grungy vocals. The build up to the chorus, the guitar solo... I could go on. I love this song. <3

I have been back in the boxroom since August without a TV. However, I have had my trusty DAB radio and I discovered Keaton Henson one evening on Zane Low's show. I downloaded the single immediately. The lyrics are painfully stunning and written, when all the best music is written, after a break up. He writes on his website "Dear Unknown, I hope you listen as though it were all for you. I hope she knows it was. I hope you can forget the fact I do both. It meant more before." The B-side Strawbear is also beautiful; my favourite lyrics "Take the clothes from my back and make love to me slow...And you're free to think of all you feel and let go... Do not tell me though" as is his cover of Maps by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. Big things for Keaton in 2012.

Oh Lana, Lana, Lana, the gangsta Nancy Sinatra. Again, I heard this on Radio 1 and was instantly mesmorised by her voice... and then I saw her. A stunning mix of 50s vintage and bling coupled with bee sting lips and straw coloured hair. This song was on constant repeat for a whole week. Needless to say my love affair with Lana will continue to blossom in 2012.

My Ibiza song. I cannot hear it without being transported back to the Magic Isle and memories of dancing til the sun rose in Privilege and Ushuaia. I did not expect to love Ibiza as much as I did... and I predict my return to the White Island in 2012.

I was a little slow to jump on the Mumford and Sons bandwagon. It was my sister who introduced me to them along with some other artists I've grown to love such as the Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, Mike Snow and Jeff Buckley (I can't wait to link with her iTunes again). This song transports me to Benicassim; mojito in one hand looking down onto the crowd swaying back and forward in the warm evening air. Bliss.

This song has dominated the charts since the summer and has been the soundtrack to many of my nights out. The video is stunning and makes me long for a destructive, Requiem for a Dream style romance in denim and brothel creepers.

My little guilty pleasure of the year. Oh how I love Olly Murs!!! The sight of his berry chinos and cheeky grin make me blush like a school girl. The perfect pop song by the perfect pop artist.

What has your soundtrack of 2011 consisted of? Do you have any recommendations for 2012?

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